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Personalized Service

At CIR Law, our lawyers have a high standard of client service.  We understand the impact that legal disputes may have on a client's life and are dedicated to providing flexible and personalized legal services. Our lawyers' skilled approach means that it is easy to work with our lawyers, who are  focused on your case  We make it a habit of checking texts and emails from clients and replying with efficiency — and nearly around-the-clock. 

Green Practice

Here at CIR Law we use secure technologies to reduce our paper consumption. We value sustainability and our environment in Halifax and beyond. We are committed to using technology such as paper-less faxes and secure cloud storage that greatly reduce our environmental impact. These technologies allow our lawyers to work beyond the traditional confines of the paper office, contributing to our flexible approach.

CIR Law Inc. is a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society and the Canadian Bar Association

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